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PAT Pubs

400 Series : TH-57 Helicopters

P-401Workbook, Introduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics, Th-5710.2 MB18 APR 2013
P-402System Workbook, Engineering, and Transition, TH-57B/C12.1 MB25 FEB 2015
P-403Instrument Navigation Workbook, Advanced Helicopter, TH-57C Rev. 4, (with CH-1)12.3 MB21 DEC 2017
P-421Workbook, Instroduction to Helicopter Aerodynamics, TH-578 MB19 MAR 2021
P-422Systems Workbook, Engineering, and Transition, TH-57B/C6.6 MB05 JAN 2021
P-423Flight Training Instruction, Familiarization, Helicopter Advanced Phase, TH-57B/C3.7 MB14 DEC 2020
P-424Flight Training Instruction, Logistics Advanced Phase, TH-571.8 MB25 FEB 2021
P-425Flight Training Instruction, Basic and Radio Instruments Advanced Phase TH-572.8 MB14 DEC 2020
P-426Instrument Navigation Workbook, Advanced Helicopter, TH-57C10.8 MB03 MAR 2021
P-427Workbook, Advanced Instrument Flight Planning, TH-57C3.3 MB03 NOV 2020
P-428Flight Training Instruction, Navigation Advanced Phase, TH-571.3 MB09 FEB 2021
P-429Flight Training Instruction, Shipboard Operations and Search and Rescue3.4 MB01 FEB 2021
P-430Flight Training Instruction, Formation Advanced Phase, TH-57C1.6 MB26 OCT 2020
P-431Flight Training Instruction, Night Vision Goggle Phase, TH-572.7 MB03 MAR 2021
P-457Flight Training Instruction, Contact, Helicopter Advanced Phase TH-57C Rev. 4, (with CH-1)1.6 MB06 MAY 2016
P-458Flight Training Instruction, Instrument and Navigation Advanced Phase, TH-57C Rev. 6, (with CH-1)2.2 MB21 DEC 2017
P-459Flight Training Instruction, Tactical and Formation, Advanced Phase, TH-57C Rev. 57.2 MB25 APR 2017

500 Series : T-44C Advanced Multi-Engine

P-557Flight Training Instruction, Advanced Multi-Engine Low-Level and Tactical Formation1.9 MB11 JUL 2006
P-559Aviation Weather Student Guide, Multi-Engine8 MB11 SEP 2008
P-561Multi-Engine Flight Training Instruction, T-44C Rev. 412.2 MB16 JUN 2021
P-564Student Handout Booklet, T-44C Systems Course Rev. 2, (with CH-1)8.5 MB11 AUG 2020

700 Series : T-6B Joint Primary Pilot Training

P-763Flight Training Instruction, Out-of-Control Flight, T-6A/B (with CH-1)1.6 MB18 NOV 2013
P-764Flight Training Instruction, Primary Contact, T-6B Rev. 3, (with CH-1)4.8 MB03 APR 2019
P-765Flight Training Instruction, Primary Instrument Navigation, T-6B Rev. 2, (with CH-3)10.4 MB28 OCT 2020
P-766Flight Training Instruction, Primary Formation, T-6B Rev. 24.6 MB06 APR 2020
P-767Flight Training Instruction, Navigation, T-6B Rev. 22.9 MB09 APR 2020
P-767Flight Training Instruction, Navigation, T-6B3.7 MB08 JUN 2010
P-770Aviation Weather Student Guide, Primary Rev. 1, (with CH-1)4.7 MB16 DEC 2020
P-771Instrument Flight Planning Workbook, T-6B (with CH-1)16.8 MB13 FEB 2020

800 Series : NFO / SNFO

P-802Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) E6B Stage1.2 MB13 FEB 2015
P-806Flight Training Instruction, SNFO Voice Communications Rev. 32.7 MB04 DEC 2020
P-813Flight Training Instruction, Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2), E-2 Stage Rev. 13.3 MB25 MAR 2021
P-815Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) MPR Stage Flight Preparation2.8 MB10 FEB 2015
P-816Flight Training Instruction, CV Procedures (UMFO), T-45C Rev. 1, (with CH-1)3.9 MB09 FEB 2018
P-819Flight Training Instruction, Advanced NFO Strike Procedures, T-45C Rev. 3, (with CH-2)9.5 MB16 DEC 2019
P-820Flight Training Instruction, Radar Theory, T-45C Rev. 17 MB10 FEB 2014
P-821Flight Training Instruction, Advanced NFOTS Familiarization T-45C/VMTS Rev. 6, (with CH-1)8.2 MB07 JAN 2020
P-822Student Guide and Multi-Crew Simulator Operating Manual for Intermediate Maritime Command and Control Training Rev. 26.4 MB28 OCT 2020
P-825All Weather Intercept (AWI), Flight Training Instruction, Advanced NFO T-45C/VMTS Rev. 511 MB22 FEB 2017
P-826Flight Training Instruction, Basic Fighter Maneuvering (BFM) Advanced NFO-T-45C/VMTS Rev. 14.2 MB14 JUN 2018
P-828Flight Training Instruction, Advanced CAS Procedures, T-45C2.1 MB14 AUG 2017
P-868Flight Training Instruction, Primary NFO/WSO CONTACT T-6A Rev. 23.8 MB05 JUL 2017
P-869Flight Training Instruction, UMFO Visual Navigation (VNAV) T-6A Rev. 46.3 MB25 FEB 2015
P-870Flight Training Instruction, SNFO Formation T-6A Rev. 42.9 MB07 JUL 2020
P-871Flight Training Instruction, SNFO Instrument Navigation T-6A Rev. 3, (with CH-1)9 MB11 MAY 2018
P-875Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) Common Core Familiarization and Navigation Rev. 15.4 MB21 FEB 2018
P-876Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) Common Navigation Stage2.6 MB09 DEC 2014
P-877Flight Training Instruction, Advanced E-2 NFOTS 2020 Rev. 12.4 MB14 DEC 2020
P-878Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance (MPR) Stage4.4 MB13 JAN 2015
P-879Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) E-6B1.6 MB10 DEC 2015
P-880Flight Training Instruction, SNFO T-6A Aircraft Systems14.7 MB06 NOV 2017
P-881Flight Training Instruction, Intermediate Maritime Command and Control (MC2) Naval Flight Officer Training System (NFOTS) Sensor/Link Rev. 25 MB05 OCT 2020
P-882Advanced Maritime Command and Control (Advanced MC2) Core Fleet Operations6.9 MB10 JAN 2018

900 Series

P-912Flight Training Instruction, Low Altitude Training Rev. 11.1 MB20 APR 2018

1200 Series : T-45 Strike

P-1204Flight Training Instruction, Instrument T-45C MPTS and IUT Rev. 3, (with CH-2)8.9 MB25 MAR 2021
P-1208Flight Training Instruction, Operational Navigation, T-45 MPTS and IUT Rev. 32 MB26 FEB 2019
P-1209Flight Training Instruction, Strike, T-45 MPTS and IUT 2017 Rev. 3, (with CH-2)6.6 MB23 JUL 2020
P-1211Carrier Qualification, Flight Training Instruction T-45 Strike4.4 MB07 MAY 2014
P-1212Flight Training Instruction, Familiarization T-45 Strike Rev. 1, (with CH-1)4.4 MB05 OCT 2020
P-1213Flight Training Instruction, Formation, T-45 MPTS and IUT Rev. 44.7 MB12 MAY 2020
P-1216Flight Training Instruction, Out-Of-Control Flight, T-45 Strike Rev. 2, (with CH-2)1.7 MB10 MAY 2016
P-1231Flight Training Instruction, Aerodynamics Workbook, T-4510 MB30 SEP 2009
P-1288Flight Training Instruction, Tactical Formation T-45 Strike Rev. 32.1 MB11 MAY 2020
P-1289Flight Training Instruction, Basic Fighter Maneuvering Section Engaged Maneuvering, T-45 Strike Rev. 3, (with CH-1)6 MB03 MAR 2021
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