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CNATRA Aviator Selection Board (ASB)

The CNATRA Reserve Component convenes an Aviator Selection Board (ASB) once per quarter and a combined Navy/USMC ASB twice a year to select new SELRES or SMCR (Selected Marine Corps Reserve) affiliates for the program. One of the TRAWING Reserve Components is designated as a host for each board. Applicants must be willing to adhere to the basic CNATRA participation requirements:

  • Minimum yearly participation: 96 IDTs (48 Regular, 48 Additionals) and 12 days AT (or as funding allows), if affiliated on 01 October.
  • Expect 5 days per month or as required by Active Component for Student Naval Aviator production.

Applicants should contact the appropriate TRAWING Reserve Component POC for information regarding vacant billets. Contact information for each TRAWING POC can be found in the ASB announcement message below. Application packages for a USNR billet in the CNATRA RC shall at a minimum contain:

  • ASB application letter – created using the sample ASB application template
  • A copy of the individual's OSR/PSR in PDF format. Officers interested in applying for an Inter-Service Transfer to the USNR must include a copy of the appropriate performance summary documents. ( example – USMC Master Brief Sheet)
  • Copies of the individual's most recent FITREPs covering the past 5 years
  • Flight Surgeon Memo (or current Naval Medical Clearance)
  • Proof of past qualifications (current or expired) in all T/M/S to which applying

By signing the application letter the applicant certifies in paragraph 3 that he or she has read and understood the provisions of DOD 5500.7-R sections 2-303 (Outside Employment and Activity), 5-404 (Compensation From Other Sources) , and 5-408 (Assignment of Reserves For Training), as well as BUPERSINST 1001.39F section 1010 (Conflict of Interest). Further board procedure and application details can be found in the CNATRAINST 3740.8 (CAC required).

Applicants for SMCR billets in the CNATRA RC should refer to the appropriate MARADMIN or contact MATSG-42 (850) 452-8762 EXT. 3114, NAS Pensacola for details. All applicants shall send a copy of their entire application package to the TRAWING POC (see ASB Message) for each Wing to which they are applying.

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Naval Reserve Aviation Command Selection (NRACS) Board

Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve (CNAFR) convenes the National Reserve Aviation Command Selection Board each year to select officers to serve as TYPEWING SAU COs, CNATRA SAU COs, CNATRA RCC and TRAWING RCCs. Officers wishing to apply for selection should use the Sample NRACS Board Application to draft their application letter. This letter should be sent to the POC listed in the announcement message below. Further board procedure and application details can be found in COMNAVAIRFORESINST 5400.7 Series.

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