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Welcome to the FITU

From the OIC:

Welcome to Training Air Wing FOUR (TW-4) Flight Instructor Training Unit (FITU). Our primary mission is to produce highly skilled T-6B and T-44C Instructor Pilots (IPs) for all four training squadrons at NAS Corpus Christi. Ensuring quality training for our next generation of IPs is critical to TW-4's mission of safely and efficiently meeting primary and multi-engine pilot production goals. Our secondary mission is to train Navy Test Pilots, VR pilots, and Maritime Transition (MT) pilots in the T-6B and T-44C.

Instructors Under Training (IUTs), Test Pilots, VR Transition and MT pilots report from widely diverse fleet communities. They each arrive with a unique array of strengths and degrees of proficiency. Our FITU IPs from the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard will consider your background and tailor your instruction to ensure you receive the optimal training experience. No matter what your background, you will find the syllabus to be a demanding yet fun challenge.

When you first report to the FITU, we encourage you to take some much-deserved time off and attend to your families or recharge your batteries. Many of you are coming from arduous deployments or staff tours and it is important to remember what is truly important.

The first few weeks of training are fast-paced and extremely focused. It is your responsibility to arrive both mentally and physically prepared to assume the role as an IUT. You should arrive well prepared for each event and ask intelligent questions. Our Instructors possess a wealth of information and experience to guide you through the process of becoming a future squadron IP. Their knowledge of the aircraft, training environment, and student tendencies will prepare you for your future role. Utilize this resource wisely. Ultimately, this is YOUR training and you should use the simulator and flight time to refine the skills that you are most lacking. You will be treated with the respect and courtesy of a winged aviator and held to the highest standards. Don't forget to have fun!

We will attempt to be as flexible as possible when working with you and your personal needs. If you require time to address personal issues (i.e., housing, school enrollment for children, spouse employment, etc.), just ask. We can work with your schedule to afford you time, if necessary. All leave requests will be routed through the FITU and granted based on your syllabus time-to-train.

Your squadron Commanding Officer will have a vested interested in you and your progression throughout training. Take the time to visit your squadron and meet with the leadership so they, too, can get to know you. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to attend squadron functions and spend time in your squadron spaces getting to know the IPs and staff.

Finally, an end of course debrief interview will be conducted at the completion of your training. These interviews are your opportunity to directly impact the shape of our operations. Any suggestions regarding improvement of training or administrative functions will be appreciated. If there is an area of immediate concern, please notify me or any FITU Instructor. We are always open to consider new ideas and suggested improvements. We value your assessment and feedback.

Welcome aboard and fly well!

LCDR Michael "CAL" Enriquez

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