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Welcome to Training Squadron VT-28 Rangers!

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Training Squadron TWO-EIGHT (VT-28) is one of two primary training squadrons located at NAS Corpus Christi, TX. Primary training consists of several instructional phases of flight in the T-6B Texan II single-engine, turbo prop, ejection seat aircraft. These flights include takeoff and landing, emergency procedures, aerobatics, formation, and instrument flying. Upon the successful completion of training, primary graduates are selected for follow on training in their community-specific advanced training pipelines. Regardless of the community or platform student naval aviators select, the knowledge and skills learned and developed in VT-28 provide the fundamental framework for continued success in the quest for their coveted wings of gold. This is why the Rangers pride themselves in being "The Foundation Builders".

Welcome to VT-28

If you have just been assigned to the Rangers, welcome, and count yourself among the lucky few. Subject to the highest standards of training, safety, and professional excellence, the skills you develop both as a pilot and as a Naval officer will stick with you for a lifetime.

Welcome aboard!

-Skipper, XO

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