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Welcome to Fixed Wing Instructor Training Unit (FITU)

A Message from the OIC

Welcome to Training Air Wing FIVE (TW5) Fixed Wing Instructor Training Unit (FITU). Our mission, training new T-6B Instructor Pilots, is a critical enabler that allows TW5 to safely complete its mission of primary pilot production.

TW5 is transitioning to the new T-6B Texan II. The aircraft incorporates a full glass cockpit and brings Flight Management System (FMS) and Heads up Display HUD) technology to primary training. The road ahead contains many challenges for instructors and students alike. It is imperative that we remain vigilant as we forge a technology driven path for tomorrow's military aviators.

Instructors Under Training (IUTs) report from widely diverse fleet backgrounds; thus, they bring with them a myriad of strengths and weaknesses. FITU Instructors will consider your fleet experience to better tailor your training and to ensure you get the most out of the training. No matter what your background, you will find the syllabus to be a challenge.

The first few weeks of the syllabus are extremely demanding. I guarantee that you will experience the "fire hose" effect you knew in primary training. I expect you to study hard, be prepared, and ask questions throughout your time in the FITU. The FITU instructors posses a wealth of information and experience in everything from the aircraft and local area to teaching students and preparing you for that role. Utilize them and your time wisely. Ultimately, this is YOUR training. You will be treated with the respect and courtesy due a winged aviator, and you will be held to the standards expected of one.

We will attempt to be as flexible as possible when working with you and your personal needs. If you require time to handle personal issues, just ask. All leave requests, however, are routed through the FITU, tempered by your syllabus progression, and approved by your parent squadron.

Your squadron Commanding Officer will be interested in you and your progression throughout training. Take the time to visit your squadron and meet with the leadership so they, too, can get to know you.

Finally, critiques have been included in your check-in package. Please complete these and return them as you finish each stage of your training. These critiques are your way to directly impact the shape of instructor training. We value your assessment and new ideas for improvement.

Welcome aboard!

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