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Welcome to Helicopter Instructor Training Unit (HITU)

A Message from the OIC

Welcome to the Training Air Wing FIVE Helicopter Instructor Training Unit (HITU)! Our mission is to provide high-quality Instructor Pilots to the three HT squadrons in a timely manner. Very shortly, you will be flying with students, operating in a task-saturated, dynamic environment which at times will drive you to feel truly "single-piloted" (or even less depending on the abilities of your student). Those situations will demand your very best as an aviator and leader. You must start preparing now, as you check into the HITU, for those inevitable moments. It is our job to ensure you are prepared to undertake the role of instructor pilot effectively and safely. You will soon see there is a vast difference between a TH-57 NATOPS qualified pilot and at TH-57 Instructor Pilot. With this in mind, the HITU standards for performance are set high and are strictly maintained.

Instructors Under Training (IUTs) report with differing backgrounds, degrees of experience and proficiency. The syllabus is structured to account for these variations. Your responsibility as an IUT is to show up thoroughly prepared for every event, ask intelligent questions, and give an honest effort. Typically, this will require several hours of study and preparation on your part each day.

Although the IUT curriculum is the final authority for the progression of events at the HITU, the best way to assure a smooth HITU experience is by closely following the information contained in the Welcome Aboard guide you receive during check-in. If you have questions during your training, please do not hesitate to see me or one of my staff for assistance.

Quality of training and Time to Train is a delicate relationship we balance at the HITU; however, quality of life is important as well. Now is the time for some of you to refocus and get life back in order. Time to Train is roughly 14 weeks, take ownership in managing that timeline while ensuring you prioritize your personal life. If you have external factors or needs while at the HITU (i.e. housing, school for kids, EFM, spouse employment, etc) please let us know and we will do everything we can to help you balance everything.

Your squadron CO and XO are interested in you and your progress while you are assigned to the HITU. Take the time to visit your squadron and meet with them. Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to attend squadron functions and spend some time in your squadron spaces getting to know the Wardroom and staff.

Finally, a critique will be completed at the completion of your training. Any suggestions or feedback regarding improvement of training at the HITU will be appreciated. If there is an area of immediate concern, notify me or any HITU Instructor. We are always open to consider new ideas and suggested training improvements.

Welcome aboard!


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