command patchTraining Air Wing One // NAS Meridian

T-45 E2/C2

Advanced Flight Training Curriculum

T-45 aircraft

Students report to Training Air Wing ONE at NAS Meridian from primary flight training at NAS Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, TX or NAS Whiting Field, Milton, FL. They immediately begin anywhere from eight to twelve months of training here at Naval Air Station Meridian depending on their selected fleet tailhook community.

Training begins in the Ground Training department of Training Wing ONE and consists of three weeks of classroom instruction. Students attend classes on subjects that include Engineering (T-45C systems), Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Flight Rules and Regulations, and Instrument Navigation. During this ground school training they also begin simulator events that teach them capabilities and systems in the T-45C and how to deal with malfunctions of those systems.

T-45 E-2/C-2 Advanced Flight Training Curriculum is designed to provide commissioned officers in the U.S. Navy and selected foreign nationals with further training in areas associated with visual and instrument conditions and to develop airmanship skills prerequisite for transition to operational fleet aircraft and carrier-based environments.

The T-45 E2/C2 curriculum consists of 14 stages ranging from cockpit orientation to instruments and formation culminating in carrier qualifications. To complete the syllabus the student will complete 60 simulator events, and 75 flights, 25 of which are solo. These solo flights include two flights where the student will conduct four touch and go and ten arrested carrier landings.

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