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Student Comments

Training feedback from the students

"As a guy that barely made the jet cut-off, I found jet training very challenging. At the same time it was the most rewarding experience of my life. Air combat maneuvering, weapons and carrier qualifications made all of the tough time worth it."

LTJG | Enroute to VFA-125

"The jet training here at Meridian is Awesome. It's intense at first with some painful simulator training; but after you hop in the front seat and take the jet out, its all worth it."

1st LT | Air to Air Gunnery stage

"Jet training is probably the most rewarding and fun experience that I've had. The syllabus is so front loaded that you will learn almost everything in the first few flights and then it is a matter of going out and practicing and having a good time. During a low-level at 500 feet/360 knots, or whipping your jet around the sky, or the feeling you get after a good bomb hit is something that you won't want to miss and something I wouldn't trade for anything".

ENS | Weapons stage

"Primary was a good time, but flying jets is the absolute best!"

1st LT | Form stage

"For a guy with a 50 NSS coming out of Whiting, I haven't had any major problems here. Flying the ball is challenging, but a lot of fun. As a E2/C2 stud, I am going to the boat next month. That should be great!"

LTJG | Form stage

"Starting out is, no kidding, frustrating -- but the prospect of getting in the jet soon makes it all worthwhile."

2nd LT | BI stage

"I came from Vance where I finished just above the jet cut-off. I was worried about being able to make it through Meridian, but it has been much more laid back than I expected."

ENS | Form stage

"Before coming to jets, I was nervous about making it through and how long it would take. I finished in 14 months and can't explain the feeling of dropping bombs, doing ACM and landing on the boat. This is something that if you have the opportunity to do, you can't pass up."


"Flying jets is a great life. I am in early stage weapons and I'm getting to drop bombs for the first time in my life. The program is really front loaded. Once you get through BI's and RI's, the study load decreases greatly an the flying really gets fun. Advanced jets is similar to Intermediates. Once you get into the advanced syllabus, you will have seen most of the flying previously, which make the program relatively easy and gives you the opportunity to practice your skills. The simulators are available most of the day, so practicing is easy to schedule. The instructors in the simulator building and ready room are always available for questions. The attitude is positive and almost everyone gives the impression that you will succeed and they will help you get through the program. I've had the opportunity to go on detachment in Key West and I've had 5 cross countries. My last cross country I flew to an airport near my hometown. It was great showing the jet to my family and friends."

1st LT | Weapons Stage

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