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Military Personnel: During normal working hours (0730-1600), you will check-in at the CTW-5 Administration Office. We are located in Bldg. 2944, 2nd deck, Room 205, Naval Air Station Whiting Field, Milton, Florida. Our phone number is (Comm) 850-623-7161 or (DSN) 868-7161.
After check-in, you will train with either Training Air Wing FIVE's Helicopter Instructor Training Unit (HITU) or the Fixed-Wing Instructor Training Unit (FITU). There you will begin an intensive (eleven weeks or longer) training syllabus that will qualify you to instruct in your platform specific aircraft. After completing the Instructor Training Unit, you will resume your ground job with Trawing FIVE and also be assigned to one of the squadrons where you will perform instructor duties.

TW-5 is located 5 miles north of Milton, Florida on board Naval Air Station Whiting Field. The Wing is comprised of three primary fixed-wing and three advanced helicopter squadrons and trains aviators from the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and allied nations. TW-5 is responsible for an estimated 43 percent of the Chief of Naval Air Training Command's total flight time and over 11 percent of Navy and Marine Corps' flight time world-wide. Over 1,200 personnel complete their essential flight training here annually. We pride ourselves on producing the finest Naval Aviators in the world.

Civilian Personnel:
Naval Flight Training is a school unlike any other. Flight training is filled with constant challenges and is designed to test an individual's stamina, knowledge and the ability to adapt to a very dynamic flying environment. Every aspect of the flight training program has a purpose based on an understanding of what the flying environment may hold. The Naval Aviator must know and master all the elements that will or could be encountered while airborne. Mastery of the flying environment requires constant commitment and self-discipline. For the naval aviator, mastering oneself is the all-important first step when acquiring the skill of flight and remains the constant requirement of an individual throughout a career in aviation. Commitment, combined with self-discipline, is an outlook required both in the training process and beyond. The flight school is about a dream, a vision of flight, and a desire to wear the coveted Wings of Gold! After completing aviation indoctrination at Naval Aviation Schools Command in Pensacola, the next step is Primary Flight Training located at NAS Whiting FieldYou will first be checking in with HRO Pensacola, normally they check in new hires 0800-1100 the first Monday of a new pay period. HROP will mail you a package with time, date, and directions for where to check in, if you do not receive your package by the Friday prior, please call HROP at 850-452-3160 for further instructions. You will then check in with the Admin Officer CTW-5, (usually around 1300), and begin your check in with CTW-5 or one of its squadrons.

Contract Personnel: Depending on what company you are working for, you will follow their check in procedures. Normally that is to meet with the Program Manager and obtain an ID Card or CAC Card if your position requires one. Regardless of what position you are reporting for, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. If we can’t answer your questions, we will refer you to someone who can.

The Officers, Enlisted, and Civilian Staff of CTW-5 welcome you aboard the largest Wing in the Naval Air Training Command! We oversee the flight training for 6 squadrons, 3 helicopter and 3 fixed-wing squadrons.
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You've got orders to CTW-5. What next? You are assigned a sponsor in order to ease the problems associated with your move. The key to a smooth transition is your sponsor, who in turn can help arrange your TLA accommodations, provide transportation from the airport, check you in to the command and provide you with general information about the community and on-station facilities well in advance of your move. Ensure you contact your sponsor as soon as possible before leaving for Florida. Other sources of information include the Family Service Center at your current command or the Internet. Here is a list of phone numbers for services provided at NAS Whiting Field and phone numbers for CTW-5.

Family Housing. There is plenty of housing available in the local area…both on and off base. The Navy will make every effort to assist you and your family in locating comfortable, convenient housing for your stay in the Whiting Field area. Navy family housing at Whiting Pines consists of 328 units (officer and enlisted) located approximately seven miles south of NAS Whiting Field in the city of Milton. Quarters A, (the Command Quarters) is located on-base. All Whiting Pines units are equipped with electric ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and geothermal central air and heat. Within the housing area is a community center with NEX mini-mart, a pool, and a walking track that encircles the Whiting Pines community.
You may apply for Navy family housing by submitting a completed DD1746. Applications will not be considered complete unless accompanied by a copy of the member's PCS orders and a certification of dependents. Applications may be made viamail, fax, or in person to the housing office at 570 Merrill Drive Milton, FL 32570-4157.
Advance applications do not influence the control date and will be held in a suspense file until sponsor reports and confirms the application. Placement on the waiting list will be the date of detachment from your last permanent duty station provided you apply or confirm your advance application within 30 days of reporting to NAS Whiting Field. For more information, look on the Navy Housing website.

Located seven miles south of the station, in the Whiting Pines Housing Office, information on local off-base housing opportunities may be obtained. Listings are available on both rental and sale property with details on price, size, and location. The Housing Referral Services Program provides equal opportunity for DoD personnel in locating suitable, nondiscriminatory housing in the civilian community regardless of position, rate, rank, years of service or marital status. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The commercial telephone number is (850) 623-9726 or DSN 868-7493. You are required to report to Housing Referral prior to executing any agreement for private housing. Household Goods Shipments Incoming household goods (HMG) shipments for Whiting Field personnel are handled through NAS Pensacola, Personal Property Office. Phone: 452-4727, 452-4730. Incoming privately owned vehicles (POV) are handled through the Military Traffic Management Command, New Orleans, LA. Phone (504) 948-1196/1218/1228, DSN 363-1218, or 1-800-972-9087. Outgoing HHG shipments may be arranged through NAS Whiting Field Personal Property Office located in Bldg.2992. Phone 623-7677. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All claims are submitted and settled entirely through NAS Pensacola.

Personnel Support Detachment, Pensacola is geographically separated from NAS Whiting Field. PSD personnel process transfers and receipts, handle military pay/personnel issues, receive and distribute travel claims, allotments, and issue identification cards. Customer Service Hours are Monday through Friday: 0730 - 1600. Phone number is 850-452-3280 or 2722. Check in with CTW-5 prior to going to PSD Pensacola, most of the check in process can be completed electronically via fax and phone, without ever having to make a trip to NAS Pensacola. There is a Customer Service Counter (CSC) located at Whiting Field that issues CAC/ID Cards only. They are open from 0730-1530 Monday-Friday and located in Bldg 1401 (White House) phone 850-623-7159.

All automobiles used on the highway must be registered with the state within 10 days of arrival. To complete vehicle registration, you are required to have proof of ownership or certificate of registration and Florida insurance coverage. For more information, check the internet for the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle's website.

Driver’s licenses issued by your home state are generally valid in Florida until they expire. If you wish to apply for a Florida driver’s license, you must present one primary and one secondary form of identification, must be original or certified copy and show your legal name and date of birth, your Social Security number and current out-of-state license. For more information, check the internet for the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle's website.

To drive your vehicle on a military installation, you must obtain a military base decal by registering at the pass and identification office of the base to which you are assigned. When registering, you will need your Military ID card, registration of vehicle, valid driver’s license, as appropriate for automobile, motorcycle or motor scooter, and proof of insurance. Pass and ID is located at the Main Gate, Building 1400. Their phone number is 623-7205

Training Air Wing FIVE
7480 USS Enterprise St., Suite 206
Milton, FL 32570

Building 2944, Naval Air Station, Whiting Field, FL

All area codes are 850, if not specified. To contact us via DSN, use 868-XXXX.

Chief of Staff623-7555
Plans & Stats623-7130
Information Systems623-7363
Student Control623-7148
Academic Training623-7517/7251
CTW-5 Public Affairs623-7651
NASWF Base Information623-7011
Branch Dental623-7227
Branch Medical623-7568
Child Development Center623-7472
Consolidated Bachelors Quarters623-0354
Customer Service Counter623-7159
Family Advocacy Rep623-7177
Fleet & Family Service Center623-7177
Housing Office623-9726
Legal Office623-7231 ext. 42
Navy Exchange623-0118
PenAir Federal Credit Union623-6649
Personnel Support Detachment452-3280/2722
Red Cross623-2356
Security Department623-7709
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