command patchTraining Air Wing Five // NAS Whiting Field

TW-5 Student/IUT Exit Surveys

Please take some time to provide your constructive comments to the following surveys located in the pdf file below. The feedback that you provide will be routed to the appropriate departments within your command and TRAWING Five. There is no requirement to place your name on any of these surveys. However, some comments may require a command representative to contact you to fully address a concern. If you are willing to accept any necessary follow-up, a name will be necessary.

After completing your Squadron and Academic/Flight Support surveys for your respective syllabus, all SMAs are to also take both the NAS Whiting Field Survey and CNATRA student exit survey.

Exit Survey Information

Your feedback is important. Thank you.

For any issues or problems with access to the surveys, please inform your squadron Student Control for a paper version of the survey.

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